Our company, the Gép & Ferrotech Ltd. is dealing with engineering works and steel construction, is located in the Industrial Park of Zalalövő.

It covers an area of one hectare lying next to the main route No. 86 in the western part of the country, near the Slovenian and Austrian border, on an ideal geographical location.


The business was founded with four employees in January, 2008, currently functions as a small enterprise with 50 employees. Two significant, tender supported investments for developing premises were implemented in 2009 and 2010. Due to the investments, the company has been expanded by a new production hall of 1000 m2. With the transformation of the old production hall, a social unit, a warehouse and offices have been established to meet the requirements of the era.

  • Welding of normal and fine grained structural steel by qualified personnel
  • Gas-shielded metal arc welding
  • Two pieces of bridge cranes of 10 tons
  • Six pieces of rotating cranes of 1 ton
  • Modern steel construction surface preparation technology
  • Grain sprinkler cabin size 10000 x 5300 x 5250 mm
  • Washing cabin size 8000 x 5300 x 5250 mm
  • Dryer and painter cabin size 8000 x 5300 x 5250 mm
  • Our company is also dealing with the production of complete assemblies:

  • Production equipment, chain conveyor, roller conveyor
  • Crane structures
  • Mining technology equipment, silos, bunkers
  • Engines for wind energy utilization
  • Turbines and steel structures for water energy utilization
  • Other welded steel structures

  • The company is managed and operated by two executives. The operational work is provided by highly qualified, experienced professionals who are responsible for the production, quality process control, purchasing and technical management.

    Suitable qualifications are inevitable in the market competition. Besides the quality control system certificate of MSZ ISO 9001:2008, our company also has the qualifications of EN1090-EXC3 welding (S235, S355),and ultrafine grained (S690, S960) materials.    

    Due to the overall development and expansion, the annual revenue of our company exceeds 400 million HUF this year.

    As a result of a successful tender regarding to technical and technological side, which contains IT devices, profile will roll machine, CNC bender machine, saw machine, makes the conditions of the internal production more efficient.

    The primary aim of the Ltd. is to achieve customer satisfaction, therefore it is committed to emphasize top-quality products and reliability. We are concerned that this company philosophy will determine not only our stable market position, but also the satisfaction and the future vision of our employees.